NAIS Global Challenge 20/20

NAIS Challenge 20/20
is an Internet-based program that pairs classes at any grade level (K-12) from schools in the U.S. with their counterpart classes in schools in other countries; together, the teams (of two or three schools) find local solutions to one of 20 global problems. 

Below are the 20 global problems outlined in High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them by Jean Francois Rischard. Schools participating in NAIS's Challenge 20/20 program may choose from among these problems. The Challenge 20/20 teams -- who are school groups in the U.S. partnered with school groups in other countries -- work to find local solutions to the global problem.  ~ NAIS
Sharing our planet: Issues involving the global community

  1. Global warming
  2. Biodiversity and ecosystem losses
  3. Fisheries depletion
  4. Deforestation
  5. Water deficits
  6. Maritime safety and pollution

Sharing our humanity: Issues requiring a global commitment

  7.  Massive step-up in the fight against poverty
  8.  Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism
  9.  Education for all
 10.  Global infectious diseases
 11.  Digital divide
 12.  Natural disaster prevention and mitigation

Sharing our rule book: Issues needing a global regulatory approach

13.  Reinventing taxation for the twenty-first century
14.  Biotechnology rules
15.  Global financial architecture
16.  Illegal drugs
17.  Trade, investment, and competition rules
18.  Intellectual property rights
19.  E-commerce rules
20.  International labor and migration rules
Through the NAIS Challenge 20/20, our Lower School first grade recently partnered with Allendale Columbia School of Rochester, New York and Colegio Monte Flor of Portugal to study the global water deficit problem. The students studied natural water resources, water pollution, clean up efforts and conservation. As part of the culminating project demonstrating a local solution to the global water deficit problem, Collegiate’s first graders constructed a barrel garden for our junior kindergarten playground that is watered with a drip irrigation system. Our garden is enjoyed by our junior kindergarten students regularly. In January, 2015 our Upper School students will work collaboratively with peers across the globe to find a local solution to the global problem: education for everyone. Collegiate was just assigned a new partnership by NAIS with students from Rand Private School in Johannesburg, South Africa and students from Chaminade College Prepatory School in St. Louis to tackle this global problem.

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