Lower School

The Lower School begins with our Junior Kindergarten program, designed to enhance a child’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical development. The Kindergarten and primary grades nurture young children in homeroom classes developing skills in literacy, math and social studies.

Junior Kindergarten-Second Grade
Students experience science, Spanish, art, music and physical education throughout the week. Teachers use technology when relevant to student learning. An in-house prepared lunch is served family style in the Dining Room, with attention to both healthy eating habits and traditional table manners. Daily recess and quiet time help students build stamina for school expectations.

Intermediate Grades (Third-Fifth Grade)
The Intermediate Grades step up the academic expectations with more independent reading, self-assessment and homework, as well as project-based activities beyond the academic day. More and more, students are expected to show their understanding of literature, history, math, science, and the fine arts through individual and group performances. Third and fourth-grade students begin coding and computer science skills are enhanced through integrated robotics in fourth and fifth-grades. Homeroom teachers continue to monitor student progress while the number of times special area classes meet per week increases. Students learn word processing and other technology skills which compliment grade level curriculum.

Fifth grade is the last year of the Lower School and it is a transition year before our students enter the Middle School. Fifth graders change classes each period in preparation for this transition. Fifth graders are the leaders in the Lower School. They demonstrate their leadership skills helping with ecology projects in science, they serve as carpool safety patrol guides, and they each have a Kindergarten buddy.

All Lower School students participate in a value-based program of character education through Collegiate’s Cornerstones classes. Students also participate in school-wide events such as seasonal programs, division assemblies and the school’s opening Convocation.

School Information

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Louisville, KY 40204
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Louisville Collegiate School is a JK-12, co-ed independent day school located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.