Overnight Outdoor Education Trips

Adolescence is a time for students to figure out their identity and develop self-confidence. We believe academic performance and success in the classroom is enhanced by developing leadership, teamwork and personal achievement through experiential education in the outdoor environment.

The Middle School outdoor education trips focus on the extraordinary character component of Louisville Collegiate School’s mission which embodies the four Character Cornerstones: Respect, Responsibility, Honor and Compassion. These Middle School regional trips take our students to Indiana, Missouri and West Virginia.

Goals of the Middle School overnight outdoor education trips:

  1. Promoting environmental responsibility through personal connection to the natural world.
  2. Empowering students to move beyond self-imposed limitations and develop a greater self awareness and compassion for others.
  3. Spending time interacting and respecting the natural world.
  4. Building self confidence.
  5. Forging friendships and strengthening class bonds to honor each other.

Sixth Grade

Indiana University’s Bradford Woods

In the Spring, the 6th grade will venture to Bradford Woods, Indiana University’s Outdoor Center. The students spend a night camping and utilizing programming that presents them with physical challenges that will allow the students to inspire each other and work together as a team to accomplish goals. This experience is designed to exercise both the minds and bodies of the 6th grade students.

Seventh Grade

St. Louis, Missouri

In the Spring, the 7th grade will head to St. Louis for a trip that will include spending the night at the City Museum, where outdoor education comes inside a 600,000 square- foot building. City Museum is a marvel that largely consists of architectural and industrial reclaimed objects. Students can challenge themselves with the 10-story slide, a gigantic tree house, tunnels, caves and more. In addition to programming that is provided by the museum, the students will have access to the entire museum throughout the night, including the Enchanted Caves, Monstro City and Art City.

Eighth Grade

West Virginia Adventure Center

In the Fall, the 8th grade travels to Minden, West Virginia for an overnight trip that includes team building and whitewater rafting. Students arrive at ACE Adventure Resort and begin their stay by completing a Team Challenge Course. After dinner and an overnight stay in cabins, the students spend the morning whitewater rafting on the New River. It is an exciting adventure that allows students to stretch outside of their comfort zones and develop inner strength while supporting classmates. This trip is designed to strengthen relationships, build leadership skills and explore the natural beauty of our country through participation in outdoor education activities. 

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