Collegiate’s technology vision is to enhance teaching and learning, strengthen communication, and improve administrative efficiencies. The vision is achieved through the integration of instructional technology into all academic disciplines.  Students develop the competencies to access information, manipulate data, facilitate collaboration, synthesize ideas, and create content as lifelong learners within a dynamic digital information age.
Collegiate is a Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT) school. Middle school students are strongly encouraged to bring their own technology. Upper School students are required to bring their own technology device. Students that do not have a personal technology device such as a lap top, iPad ™, Chromebook, or smart phone, can check-out one out.

Blended Learning
Through our partnership with Edmentum and Edhesive, Upper School students can enroll in on-line computer sciencecourses such as Computing for College and Careers, Web Technologies, Game Development, Computer Programming, Principles of Information Technology, and AP Computer Science A, and Advanced Computer Science Principles.  A Collegiate teacher serves as a classroom facilitator to this online blended learning model.

As member of Global Online Academy (GOA), Upper School students can enroll in global online courses. All GOA courses have asynchronous components (students participate each day on their own schedule) and synchronous components (when students collaborate together or work with their teacher, generally using video conferencing software). Students are taught by teachers from other GOA independent member schools.
Technology is well integrated into Collegiate’s educational program through rich technological resources such as a lower school computer lab, a Library Technology Learning Commons, technology coordinators, email and Google Apps accounts for grade 4 - 12 students, a fiber optic backbone, digital cameras, interactive whiteboards, filtered Internet access, student response systems, document readers, a Green Screen studio, and wireless laptops in all three divisions. Our web portal and its integration with Google Apps for Education helps facilitate collaboration and information sharing in the classroom and outside the classroom, from home to school.
Lower School
Lower School students have access to more than 100 networked Windows computers located throughout the Lower School. Students in JK-3 also spend time learning with iPads and students in grades 4-5 enjoy using Chromebooks. Each student in grades K-5 spends at least 40 minutes per week in the computer lab for formal instruction.
A sampling of how technology is integrated throughout the disciplines:
  • Kindergartners reinforce math skills with online games on the companion website to the math program Everyday Math Online;
  • First Graders research facts about each of the different continents they are exploring in their homeroom classes and create postcards from countries from a particular continent;
  • Second graders work cooperatively on an interdisciplinary unit in which they create a game (in Physical Education class), write a description of the game including equipment needed and rules (during Language Arts time), and "publish" their results, including original illustrations (in computer class);
  • Third Graders conduct independent research on famous Kentuckians and create a brochure to demonstrate learning;
  • Fourth Graders are introduced to Google Apps for Education including gmail and online documents and presentations; and
  • Fifth Graders create robots using Lego and the Logo programming language, create many works of poetry, participate in online simulations and much more!
Middle School
Collegiate’s Middle School integrates technology in all subject areas. In specialized instructional components such as Robotics, c.School,  and the 6th grade STEAM cross- curricular initiative, students learn to use technology judiciously and effectively. Middle school students learn communication etiquette on school-based email accounts, and can use Collegiate’s guest network to access the Internet on personal devices. Students also have access to a variety of audio and video recording devices, a mobile laptop cart, eight Chromebook carts, and more.
A sampling of how technology is integrated throughout the disciplines:
  • Eighth grade c.School students use the technologies available in The Makery which includes a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, and soldering iron to tinker, build and invent.
  • In Physical Education classes, students use Polar Heart Monitors to monitor, record, and evaluate their heart rates during physical activities.
  • English students examine videos of past presidential campaign ads to identify and explore logical fallacies.
  • Chinese students use iPads™ to create Voicethreads™.
  • French and Spanish students use a variety of local and web-based media to practice the four language skills.
  • History students work cooperatively to create PowerPoint presentations about the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Math students graph and analyze functions using TI-84 calculators.
  • All science students use laptops and probes to collect and analyze data in the lab and in the field.
Upper School
In the Upper School, students experience a variety of technologies including access to 12 iMacs n the Fine Arts department. The Upper School has one iPad™ Cart consisting of 15 iPads™ for use in the world language classrooms, and a number of devices and technologies available for students to checkout including a variety of audio and video recording devices to supplement their personal devices.

Upper School students strengthen their information technology literacy by building upon their technology skills where they apply, create, and manipulate digital information in deeper, more meaningful ways. Teachers help achieve this as facilitators within the classroom and the students become the creators of content & information.
A sampling of how technology is integrated throughout the disciplines:
  • Engineering Design and Maker Portfolio Lab students use the technologies available in The Makery which include a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, and soldering iron to tinker, build, and invent.
  • The world language students use web-based programs like VoiceThread, Yabla, and Voki to facilitate world language immersion.
  • Digital Media students use the Adobe Suite to create art projects throughout the course
  • English students use cell phones, flip cameras, and video editing tools to demonstrate their understanding of great literary works by creating & producing their own short film.
  • History students use collaborative online tools like Google Docs and Wiki spaces to enhance their understanding of historical events and timelines.
  • Math students use CBR/CBLs to measure displacement, velocity and acceleration, use Microsoft Excel to sketch regression curves & analyze data, and use graphing calculators to analyze graphs of functions, calculate derivatives, and much more.
  • Science students use laptops and CBL probes to collect and analyze data in the lab and in the field.

School Information

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Louisville Collegiate School is a JK-12, co-ed independent day school located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.