Advisory Program

Collegiate prides itself on being a small by design school and believes this approach to education proves to be an incredible asset to our students. Small classes, personalized attention from faculty, individual college counseling, a top level academic schedule and the opportunity to participate in multiple fine arts, athletic, and other extracurricular opportunities are all examples of the benefits of our small by design school. Another crucial element of the Collegiate experience is our Advisory Program.
Collegiate’s Upper School Advisory Program is a mission-based program that provides each student with a faculty advisor who serves as the student’s primary advocate and mentor regarding academic and social issues. The advisor also serves as the liaison between the parent or guardian and Collegiate. Upper School advisors are deeply committed to Collegiate’s advisory program and view serving as an advisor as an integral part of their role as educators.
Collegiate faculty advisors strive to be aware of all aspects of the advisee’s involvement with Collegiate—academic, social, and extracurricular. In the academic area, advisors seek to identify advisees’ strengths and growth areas and to offer helpful direction accordingly. With regard to personal matters, advisors seek to create a climate in which the advisees feel welcome to share personal successes, struggles, and/or concerns and take the initiative in offering guidance when appropriate. Advisors also seek to encourage advisees to be meaningfully involved in the Collegiate community according to advisees’ unique interests and abilities.
Advisory groups are comprised of ten to twelve students from the same grade, are representative of the diversity of interests and backgrounds present within our school community, and meet together in a variety of forums multiple times each month. Advisors are committed to proactively investing in relationships with their advisees and their advisees’ parents and/or guardians, and they actively work with their advisees to cultivate community within their advisory groups.

Within our Advisory Program is a team model for our ninth grade advisors. This intentional and specific program is designed to give ninth grade students the best transition possible from Middle School by ensuring that ninth grade groups are even smaller (7-10 students) and advisors are faculty members of the ninth grade and/or specialists in the ninth grade experience.

Beginning with tenth grade, students are placed into single grade level advisory groups. The entire advisory stays together for the remaining three years of Upper School to form strong relationships between all members of the group.

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