Mission Statement

Graduation Requirements

The Classes of 2018 and beyond
4 Credits including Honors Introduction to Literature & Composition, Honors World Literature & Composition, Honors American Literature & Composition, and one additional unit from Advanced American Literature & Composition, Honors Advanced English: The Self and Others. Each school year, Upper School students must earn a full unit in one of the above English courses. Note: Honors or Advanced American Literature and Honors or Advanced U.S. History must be taken concurrently Junior or Senior year.

3 Credits including Honors Global Studies I, Global Studies elective(s) or Advanced European History and Honors US History or Advanced US History- Note:Honors American Literature and Honors or Adv. US History must be taken concurrently Junior or Senior year.

3 Credits in grades 9-12, including Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors or Accelerated Algebra II (sequence based on placement from Middle School)

3 Credits including Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry

World Lang.
Fine Arts
3 Credits of World Language OR 2 Credits of World Language if courses include a Level III language (must be consecutive years of same language)
2 Credits

1 Credit

Physical Ed
1 Credit

2-3 Credits (2 Credits of electives if 3 Credits earned in World Lang. or 3 Credits of electives if 2 Credits earned in World Lang.)
The Edge
Community Service
Public Speaking
Senior Capstone
2.5 Credits of Life Skills Courses and Experiences through The Edge

Yearly community service is required of all graduates

A senior speech to the Upper School student body is required.
A culminating senior project/experience is required of all graduates.
24.5 Credits are required for graduation.

School Information

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Louisville, KY 40204
P: 502.479.0340
F: 502.454.8549
Louisville Collegiate School is a JK-12, co-ed independent day school located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.