Honor Code

The Honor Code is one of Collegiate’s most valued traditions. Collegiate’s Honor Code serves to cultivate honesty, fairness, and high esteem for other’s work and property. The Honor Code provides Collegiate students, staff, faculty, and families a treasured community of trust.
Collegiate’s Honor Code reads:
Collegiate students will not lie.
Lying is the conscious creation of a false impression, the willful denial of facts, or the breaking of a pledge.
Collegiate students will not cheat.
Cheating is giving, receiving, or attempting to give unauthorized help that could result in an unfair advantage in completing school work. It is also the representation of another’s work as one’s own (plagiarism).
Collegiate students will not steal.
Stealing is the taking of anything without the consent of the owner.
Collegiate students are honor bound to report any violation of the Honor Code.
Each year Collegiate students recommit themselves to our Honor Code and to our community of trust by renewing their pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do. Throughout the year, the Honor Board, comprised of faculty and an elected body of students, plans activities and events to promote and educate our community about the Honor Code and the crucial role it plays at Collegiate. In the rare instance when the Honor Code may have been compromised, it is the Honor Board’s responsibility to discern and adjudicate the possible violation and make a recommendation to the Head of the Upper School as necessary.
Consequences for violating Collegiate’s Honor Code may include a warning, official censure, discipline points, academic penalties, probation, suspension, and even dismissal. Benefits of upholding Collegiate’s Honor Code include an inspiring community of trust where students feel no need to use locks on their lockers and can confidently leave their backpacks unattended knowing that their belongings will be waiting for them upon their return, walk freely without the burden of hall passes and class bells, enjoy the privilege of unproctored exams, and regularly turn in money found on campus—to faculty in hopes of returning it to its rightful owner.

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