Francis Howard Kholepp 1916

Collegiate’s first alumna, Francis Howard Kholepp, graduated in 1916 setting the stage for future students seeking an exceptional college preparatory education in Louisville, Kentucky to follow in her foot steps for the next 100 years. Since the school’s inception, Collegiate alumni have gone “on to goals more high” in the global community and “spread thy fame” of their beloved alma mater. With over 1,700 alumni living and working around the world, Collegiate remains a small school, rich in treasured traditions.

Originally an independent girls day school when it opened in 1915, Louisville Collegiate School has since evolved into a JK-12, co-educational independent school. For the majority of Collegiate’s alumnae (Collegiate did not matriculate male students until 1987) the primary school building located on Glenmary Avenue is where they studied, beginning in 1927. The more recent expansion of the Upper School with Willig Hall, located at the corner of Ray Avenue and Grinstead Drive, is where alumni formed their Collegiate experience. Whether you graduated in 1927, or 2015, we invite you to take a moment to learn more about your fellow alumni.
Alumni are defined as graduates of Louisville Collegiate School. An associate is defined as a former student who attended Collegiate for at least one year, but did not graduate from the school. Associates are recognized by their graduation year followed by the letter 'A.' Anyone who attended Collegiate for at least one year may be considered an associate member of the Alumni Association Board. If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Board, please contact

Alumni Association Board 2017 - 2018

Megan Hoskins ‘94President
Alison Chmiel Brehm ‘89Vice President
Louisa Rietze Lewandowski ‘90Treasurer
Nora Fitzgerald Meldrum ‘92Secretary
Kyle C. Manning ‘04Alumni Coordinator
Kathy Soskins Abbot ‘90
Nirmesh Agrawal ‘98
Sarah Davis Allen ‘98
Austin Thompson Anderton ‘97
Mark Bowling ‘03
Dana Lucas Collins ‘85
Christopher R. Doyle ‘87
Carey Faversham Goldstein ‘90
Collis Hancock Hillebrand ‘04
Malcolm Walton Kelly ‘48
Virginia “Sister” Kemp Stites ‘58
Kate Vogt Talamini ‘67
Kitty Edelen Tichenor ‘56
Sarah Pfeifer Vandekerckove ‘03

Alumni Association Awards

The purpose of the Alumni Association Awards is to annually honor members of the Collegiate community for outstanding achievement. In this way, we strive to:

  • Recognize role models who embody the ideals of the school
  • Increase pride in the school
  • Encourage continued alumni interest and engagement with the school

To Download an Alumni Awards Nomination form, click here.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is given to honor a graduate or associate of Louisville Collegiate School for outstanding achievement. The nominee may have displayed extraordinary leadership and organizational ability, contributed to the advancement of others and to the improvement of his or her community, gained prominence in his or her chosen profession and community or exhibited vision, skill and commitment to making things happen. 

Award Recipients
1996 Cornelia Atherton Serpell ‘35
1997 Victoria E. Murden McClure ‘81
1998 Deede Baquié Jones ‘48 and Sue Speed ‘48
1999 Mary Lee Wood ‘50
2000 Charlotte Williams Price ‘43
2002 Kathy Nash Cary ‘72
2003 Callie Virginia Smith Granade ‘68
2004 Mary Anne O’Callaghan Cronan ‘64
2005 Jane Durning La Pin ‘38
2006 Helen Hammon Jones ‘51
2008 Sallie Bingham ‘54
2009 Jane Metcalfe ‘79
2010 Peggy Rash Brown ‘50, Marianne Rash Rowe ‘53 and Nancy Batson Rash ‘57
2011 Anne Brewer Ogden ‘64
2012 Jill Lewis Smith '81
2013 Chenault McClure Conway '59
2014 Nana Lampton ‘60
2015 Sally Van Winkle Campbell ‘62
2016 John Schaaf '88

Collegiate Service Award

The Collegiate Service Award is presented to an individual—not necessarily an alumna/us—who through the years has made a significant contribution to the Collegiate community. This award is intended to honor those who have provided meaningful service to Louisville Collegiate School.

Award Recipients
2002 Bunch Sanders Griffin ‘37 and Louise Rapp Wall ‘47
2003 William M. Street ‘09H
2004 Mary Collis Hancock ‘46
2005 Paul Bickel, III
2006 Babs Rodes Robinson ‘80
2008 Cindy Skarbek
2009 Caldwell Willig
2010 Bashar Masri and Debbie Masri
2011 Sarah Harlan
2012 Ann Rankin Fleming '85
2013 Cheryl Kersey
2014 Missy Dorval Stevens ‘76A
2015 Laurie Camp Vieth ‘76
2016 Virginia "Sister" Kemp Stites '58 and Katherine "Kitty" Edelen Tichenor '56

Young Alumni Achievement Award

The Young Alumni Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has graduated in the last twenty years who exemplifies the Collegiate traits: character, confidence, imagination and excellence through community service or in his or her profession. The nominee should be at least 21 years of age.

Award Recipients
2002 A. Holton Yost ‘96
2003 Betsy Pfieffer Gibbs ‘83
2004 Elizabeth Potter Madin ‘95
2005 Lt. Lawrence L. Williams ‘97
2006 Sarah Newell Usdin ‘87
2008 Ashley Marlowe Lankford, M.D. ‘88
2009 Ian Shapira ‘96
2011 Chona Camomot ‘00
2012 Drew Deters '98
2013 Edward Rosenfeld '93
2014 Amit Singla ‘97
2015 Matt Karwowski ‘98
2016 Whitten Montgomery '08

Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Louisville Collegiate School athletics and who have brought recognition, honors, distinctions and excellence to its interscholastic athletic program. To encourage alumni involvement with Louisville Collegiate School by nominating and selecting Hall of Fame recipients and by promoting their attendance to  the annual induction and to inspire current and future Collegiate athletes.
Award Recipients
2010 Bunch Griffin ‘37
2010 Mary Rodes Lannert ‘78
2010 Tori Murden McClure ‘81
2010 Wendy Martin
2011 Leigh Clark ‘98
2011 Frances Starks Heyburn ‘43
2012 Chenoweth Stites Allen ‘88
2012 Ryan Thomas Davis ‘03
2013 Chase Keith O’Brien ‘94
2013 O’Brien Wolff ‘04
2014 David Jasper ‘92
2014 Suzanne Hardesty Pritchard ‘90
2015 Tekisha Slaughter Boone ‘95
2016 Annie Owens '98

School Information

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Louisville, KY 40204
P: 502.479.0340
F: 502.454.8549
Louisville Collegiate School is a JK-12, co-ed independent day school located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.