Strategic Plan
A consensus has developed in the literature of leading educators and thinkers identifying a set of skills that students will need in the 21st Century to develop fully into engaged citizens of the world and to prosper. Core subjects and content are just the beginning. The ‘5 Cs’ of creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and character will ultimately form the foundation for differentiating Collegiate into the future.
As Collegiate approaches the celebration of its first 100 years preparing diverse students for a lifetime of global engagement and local responsiveness, our community must also focus upon a vision for the school’s second century.

In January 2010, the Board of Trustees established the 2C2 Task Force to develop a comprehensive direction for Collegiate’s second century that advances our tradition of excellence – what it means to “Stand out. Be Collegiate.” 
The intent was to identify innovative programs that will ensure our students excel, to assure our campus master plan supports programmatic needs, and to prioritize our limited resources accordingly.
Kris Kimel, the President and co-founder of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) and the founder of the IdeaFestival, kicked off 2C2 - stimulating the perspective of the Task Force members by challenging us to ‘imagine the unimaginable.’ He framed the difficulty of the conundrum by presenting two challenges – one for the Task Force and one for Collegiate:
  • Task Force challenge – how to plan for a rapidly changing world, one that changes faster than we can sometimes plan and implement 
  • School challenge – how to develop young people who are agile enough to remain relevant and compete as lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world
The essence of 2C2 was to take a broad, big picture look at the second century of Collegiate, focused on the programming necessary to develop lifelong learners and to educate outstanding citizens of the world. The Task Force worked over a five-month period - through brainstorming sessions, small-group discussions, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, and research of evolving best practices. The Task Force arrived at Five Imperatives - values that are absolutely necessary, urgent, and compelling - values that are core to Collegiate’s hallmark tradition of excellence, as well as values critical to Collegiate’s future. The Five Imperatives are: Academic Excellence, Technology, Global Engagement, Character Education, and School Culture.
After agreeing in concept with the 2C2 report in August 2010, the Board of Trustees charged the Strategic Planning Committee with consolidating the pertinent tactical steps in four existing roadmaps, integrating those with the vision of 2C2, and crafting a new Strategic Plan (2011—2016) that would lead Collegiate into its centennial celebration. The four existing roadmaps are the 2000 Campus Master Plan, the Strategic Plan 2007-2011, the 2009 Self-Study, and the 2009 ISACS Visiting Team report.

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